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What’s the current situation?

In the coming years European Semiconductor companies will bring many new applications to the market to improve the way of living in Europe. Examples are linked to road safety, personal health care, secured wireless communications, and lighting and consumer electronics. These applications concern very complex semiconductor systems with highly integrated technologies where digital, memories and analogue are funnelled in one piece of silicon.

Where is the problem?

In these kind of applications, reliability and trustability is a key factor which cannot be guaranteed without extensive test solutions. This may lead to expensive and unreliable test solutions when necessary preventive efforts are omitted.

What we are doing about it?

Within the ELESIS project, we have built a European research consortium that provides cooperation between leading semiconductors companies in Europe, small and medium sizes enterprises that are dedicated to system test and tooling and the contribution of well recognized European Research Institutes and Universities. In this project, we will focus our effort developing and improving the industrial test infrastructure for digital, mixed signal and analog circuits, leading to safe, reliable, high quality and low cost systems products in Europe. The picture here below summmarizes the grand challenge of managing test complexity by integrating test instruments on-chip.


Project Leaflet & Profile

Project Profile


  • NXP Semiconductors BV –¬†Netherlands
  • STMicroelectronics – France
  • NXP Semiconductors France – France
  • ATMEL – France
  • Salland Engineering – Netherlands
  • JTAG Technologies – Netherlands
  • D4T Systems – Netherlands
  • Temento Systems S.A. – France
  • iRoC Technologies – France
  • Infineon technologies – Austria
  • CEA – France
  • TIMA – France
  • CNRS-LIRMM – France
  • Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto¬†– Portugal
  • Universiteit Twente – Netherlands